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Please support Trumper Park & the Wentworth Tennis team

In the coming months our lease at Trumper Park with Woollahra Council will be coming up for tender, hence we are asking for your support to continue providing you all with the ongoing services we currently make available. 

We take pride in providing a professionally run and happy tennis facility to the local community, and are committed to maintaining and improving this service and professionalism going forward. 

We will continue to improve Trumper Tennis Centre and the surrounds, as we have done in recent years, ensuring it remains a place where, beyond the enjoyment and teaching of tennis, issues of general interest will be addressed and where the will to contribute to the community will be integral to the local culture.

If you could please fill in the form below and register your desire to keep things under the current management.


please fill out the form below and show your support for the Wentworth Tennis team
thanks for supporting us at Trumper Park Tennis and Wentworth Tennis