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Hot Shots in Schools

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots, Tennis Australia’s official kids’ starter program, follows the worldwide trend towards modified competitions for kids to help them learn to play tennis. The program targets kids 3-12 years of age who are not yet able to play competitive tennis on a full sized court with a regular tennis ball. We are Tennis Australia Endorsed ANZ Hot Shots Provider. This program is a great way to introduce tennis to school students and we have programs ranging from kindergarten through to year 6. Take the worry out of arranging transport and wet weather and have our qualified coaches come to your school and set up Hot Shots for you.

The Hot shots program concentrates on kids actually playing real tennis matches in a fun and competitive learning environment which nurtures both tennis related and personal development. The Hot Shots program makes playing the game very achievable for kids with the use of modified balls, courts and racquets. By using the modified equipment kids will benefit from improving their ball tracking, getting into position, controlling, and co-ordinate there body to execute their strokes and at the same time learning to put together sequences of shots, maintain a rally, how to out play an opponent by varying shots, and how to maintain consistency and concentration levels throughout a match. This will in turn help with their confidence and self esteem. 

We are especially excited to be offering this program as we feel it opens up the game of tennis to younger players whose only option previously was to have tennis coaching lessons. As such, we think the Hot Shots program will be the perfect compliment to any tennis coaching already undertaken as it gives them an opportunity to put the skills they are learning into practice as well as learn new skills that will therefore hasten their progress in the sport.

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Age Stages

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School sport coordinators wishing to find out more information regarding the tennis in schools ANZ Hot Shots Program should contact us via email or call Steve on 02 9363-4955.

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